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We help academics to communicate the broader and more complex discipline-spanning reality of the emerging world.

Successfully navigating the turbulent years ahead to a safer, fairer and healthier future relies on open discussion and scrutiny of these complex crises. But with knowledge often siloed, and only a narrow range of expertise platformed by the media, this is not happening. Our Communicating Complex Crises toolkit is a crucial resource for any academic keen to hone their skills in communicating the interconnection of environmental and social crises.

Research demonstrates that people respond far better to narratives and stories than abstract statistics. So in parallel, we are building a living database of annotated real-life examples of this interweaving of social and environmental crises, for academics to use and contribute to. We are also developing a media training programme, and plan to help place academics with media opportunities. Sign up to hear more when this launches.

Communicating Complex Crises: a toolkit

This toolkit supports academics to tell more complete and authentic stories about today’s entangled social and environmental crises – without overstepping professional responsibility or eroding scientific credibility. It features advice that is relevant to media work, to public engagement in third sector contexts, as well as to day-to-day interactions with colleagues, experts in other fields, and policymakers.

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Ben Moreland / Unsplash
Ben Moreland / Unsplash

Contribute real-world stories to our living library

Stories are far more effective at communicating complexity and building agency than abstract statistics or predictions. We are building a living library of case studies that demonstrate not just the cascading harms that can result from multiple interlocking social and environmental crises, but also how human decisions reduced harm and enabled future flourishing.

If you have come across any such examples or case studies in your research or day-to-day work, please let us know. We are looking for examples in any form – whether already online (in video, audio or written form), written but not publicly available, or at present un-written.

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Natalija Gormalova / Climate Visuals Countdown
Natalija Gormalova / Climate Visuals Countdown

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We are currently developing a media training programme based on our Communicating Complex Crises Toolkit for academics looking to communicate the interconnection of environmental and social crises in broadcast media or audiovisual settings. It will launch in early 2023. Let us know if you're interested in the opportunity – we'll be in touch when registrations open.

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Aristedes Carrera / Unsplash
Aristedes Carrera / Unsplash

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