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Thousands of academics, academic-related staff, and students across the world are already engaging their institutions to meet their commitments to environmental action.

Most of these are operating alone or in small groups, disconnected from others in similar positions. We are developing strategic toolkits and community support for staff and students seeking to collaboratively raise research and teaching that’s fit for future purpose up departmental, faculty, and institutional agendas.

These resources will contain strategic guidance on how to help institutions to see the risks of not taking a leadership role in the sustainability transition, and how to appreciate the manifold benefits that come with courage.

If you are interested in contributing to our work in this area, or finding out more in due course, indicate your interest when joining Faculty for a Future.

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Who: Academics, Academic-related staff, Students, Non-academics

Time requirement: Minimal

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Shibasish Saha / Climate Visuals Countdown
Shibasish Saha / Climate Visuals Countdown

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