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Faculty for a Future's general join form is for academics, students, or those who work at an academic or research institution in another capacity. We also value collaboration with those adjacent to academia, and if you are a non-academic expert, community/organisation representative, practitioner or creative, you can join the F4F community by signing up directly to actions on our project pages. Explore them here to see how you can get involved.
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We ask for data concerning your organisation, field and country of work in order to ensure we only contact you with project information or updates relevant to your context and interests. We only collect this data for internal purposes and will never share it with any third parties.
Like many of our members, F4F wants to see an academia less beholden to disciplinary boundaries and more focused on the discipline-spanning issues that define the future. However, in order to get there we do need to know what your main department or discipline is at present. We're sorry we don't have space for more breadth here and in the options for crisis-relevant field – if you don’t see yours represented, select the best fit. You will be able to specify your research area and direction more precisely when registering your interest on the research project page, if that is an area of our work you are interested in. If you feel there are any glaring omissions to the list of crisis-relevant fields, email us.

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To keep you updated on the progress of F4F projects you express an interest in. We will never pass your information on to any third parties.

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Please select all that apply. We will keep you updated about project progress and send periodic invitations to contribute. If you’re not yet familiar with our projects, please find out more here. And once you've joined F4F, you can sign up to specific actions through individual project pages.