Communicating Complex Crises Launch: July 19 2022

With media representation not reflecting the complex reality of the 21st century’s entangled crises, what is academia’s role in engaging wider society on this issue?

On July 19 2022 Faculty for a Future held an event to mark the launch of our Engagement for a Future hub, and introduce Communicating Complex Crises: a toolkit for academics. F4F academic lead James Dyke and our expert panel Lydia Messling, Sagar Dhara, Matthew Green, Diego Arguedas Ortiz, and Peter Friederici met to explore the issues with current media portrayals of crisis, and how academics can talk about discipline-spanning issues without compromising credibility. And Josephine Lethbridge, our Director of Communications & Narrative, introduced the toolkit itself.

Research for a Future Launch: July 12 2022

Academics are increasingly feeling a responsibility to ensure their research helps stop harm to the planet and its inhabitants.

On July 12 F4F academic lead James Dyke and our expert panel Erica Thompson, Philippa Bayley, Shibaji Bose, Paul Chatterton, Bob Watson and Sarri Bater met to explore the shared challenges of fostering trust for equitable collaboration, finding funding, and configuring research to make a difference.

Teach for a Future Launch: July 5 2022

Faculty for a Future have an ambitious goal – we want to work with you to drive real change in education. We want to equip students to understand, cope with, and act on the social-environmental crisis.

On July 5 F4F academic lead Alison Green and internationally recognised speakers Keri Facer, David Wheeler, Michael Hrebeniak, and Ben Rawlence met to explore the educational challenge facing both academics and students, how we are proposing to meet it, and how you can shape and participate in our work.

Faculty for a Future Launch: May 17 2022

On May 17 we held two (almost) identical launch events at which our team – Alison Green, James Dyke, Wolfgang Knorr and Jordan Raine – discussed the role of academia in the context of systemic unsustainability, and why they came together to form F4F. They were joined by Laurie Laybourn-Langton (Chatham House; IPPR; University of Exeter), who is exploring how leaders can accelerate sustainable transitions amid worsening conditions with sister project Cohort 2040. A Q&A followed.