Research for a Future

In the coming years, humanity will face challenges like never before. This is our reality after decades of well-intentioned research.

Crises are still advancing despite our best efforts. Narrow approaches in academia and vested interests in those that fund or interact with it mean that academic research too often serves harmful systems or solves one problem while worsening another, and the integrated, experience-based wisdom of communities and practitioners is often overlooked.

We need more diverse, equitable, and plentiful collaboration to stop environmental and social harms at their source and unite our efforts to realise a fairer and more sustainable world. Our toolkit helps tackle this.

Research for a Future toolkit

This resource is for any researcher who feels a responsibility for the work they do to help limit harm from these crises. It includes ways to configure research to make a difference, advice on dealing with differences in status and access to power, and practical tools for trust-building between diverse perspectives, together with guidance for securing funding for such work.

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VitusKonter / Wikimedia Commons
VitusKonter / Wikimedia Commons

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