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In a world of colliding social and environmental crises, every discipline is crucial to the pursuit of a safer, fairer, and more sustainable future.

Many academics are concerned about the future, and are looking for ways to integrate socio-environmental crises into curricula, bridge disciplinary silos, and empower students as active participants in their education.

Faculty for a Future's Seed Library is a searchable database of open-access educational resources that can support educators and students in their aims of transitioning to a transformative education by integrating sustainability into discipline-specific teaching and learning, whether by reviewing existing courses/modules or creating new ones; facilitating understanding of transdisciplinary issues crucial to our future; or adopting innovative pedagogical techniques that empower students as active participants in their education.

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Critical: Questions or reflects on ethical assumptions behind current approaches to social-environmental issues, and interrogates their consequences.

Detailed: Offers in-depth knowledge and understanding on the topic through the lens of a specific discipline.

Empowering: Facilitates the development of agency and emotional coping skills.

Systemic: Focuses on interconnected aspects of the socio-environmental crises by combining insights from multiple disciplines and expert perspectives.

Technical: Equips students with methods, techniques, and/or practical knowledge, pertinent to a specific discipline.

Transformative: Focuses on alternative ways of thinking, being, and doing, that tackle harm at its source and/or promote systemic change.

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