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In a world of colliding social and environmental crises, every discipline is crucial to the pursuit of a safer, fairer, and more sustainable future.

Many academics are concerned about the future, and are looking for ways to integrate socio-environmental crises into curricula, bridge disciplinary silos, and empower students as active participants in their education.

Faculty for a Future's Seed Library is a growing database of open-access educational resources. We hope it will help students and educators transition to a transformative education system that is fit for future purpose.

Get involved in our work by exploring the library, suggesting new resources for us to add to it, or signing up to help us curate it.

Seed Library

A searchable database of open access educational resources designed to help university educators and students of any discipline develop ways of understanding, coping with, and addressing colliding environmental and social crises.

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Nik Shuliahin / Unsplash
Nik Shuliahin / Unsplash

Help us improve the Seed Library

Join one of our ten Disciplinary Panels to help curate our library and approve resources relevant to your discipline/field. We are particularly looking for academics with experience designing, modifying or reviewing curricula.

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Martin Sharman/Unsplash
Martin Sharman/Unsplash

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Do you know of any open access resources that help students understand, cope with, and/or address interlocking crises? We are looking for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), factsheets, module creation toolkits, and more that meet these goals, for a wide range of disciplines. We’re also looking for more general resources that help academics contextualise the big picture, and their discipline’s contribution to it.

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Georgina Smith / CIAT
Georgina Smith / CIAT

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