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You can find more detail about the different ways you can contribute, and how much time they entail, below the form. Signing up does not obligate you to participate – we appreciate that what each action involves is still, in some cases, obscure. Once you have registered your interest in inputting into, shaping, or otherwise contributing to Teach for a Future, we will be in touch with more information about the hub and possible contributions as they develop.

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Ways to get involved

Register interest in being on a Disciplinary Panel

Who: Academics

Time requirement: Occasional, from Summer 2022

We are looking for academics with experience designing, modifying or reviewing curricula, to join Disciplinary Panels that ensure the quality and usefulness of our resources to academics. This role involves approving resources, suggesting enrichments to assist in their adoption, and helping to scale their use. You’ll also be able to influence the content of forthcoming bespoke MOOCs designed to prepare students for the future.

Input into the form, function, and content of F4F's curated resource database

Who: Academics

Time requirement: Minimal, from now until July 2022

For the database to be useful to you, it’s crucial that its structure makes sense, and that it contains content that is desired and easily usable. If you’d like to shape the database's development to fit your needs, sign up to receive regular opportunities to input over the coming quarter.

Beta-test the repository

Who: Academics

Time requirement: Flexible, from July 2022

We’re looking for early adopters who would like to adapt and adopt teaching resources for the coming academic year, and provide feedback on their experience to help improve F4F's curated resources for future users.

Register interest in using the repository

Who: Academics, Academic-related staff, Students, Non-academics

Time requirement: Flexible, from October 2022

After the database has been beta-tested, we will officially launch it in Autumn 2022. If you don’t have time to get involved in its early development, sign up to use it upon launch.

Register interest in student validation of resources

Who: Students

Time requirement: Occasional, from Summer 2022

Are you a student with an interest in helping your peers around the world get access to teaching that is fit for the future? Sign up to register interest in ensuring the database's resources meet student needs and desires.

Register interest in being a Teaching for a Future champion

Who: Academics, Academic-related staff, Students

Time requirement: Flexible, from Autumn 2022

Are you passionate about transforming teaching in your department, faculty, and/or institution? Sign up for further information on receiving strategic support, and, joining an interactive community of others at different stages of the same journey.

Register interest in developing our Teach for a Future institutional engagement toolkit

Who: Academics, Academic-related staff, Students, Non-academics

Time requirement: Flexible, Summer/Autumn 2022

Do you have particular experience in successfully engaging your or other departments, faculties, and/or institutions to make their teaching better serve students’ needs? Register to get involved in developing the toolkit.